We provide members the following services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year:


Roadside America Auto Club will jump-start your vehicle. Today’s cars are not like the cars of yesterday.  What was once a routine battery jump can cause serious harm to your vehicle. Cross wiring battery cables can burn out on-board computer chips. With the hard-to-reach placement of some batteries, jump-starting a car is not even possible without proper equipment. Our professional technicians are trained on the various problems that you may face with a dead battery, and they have the tools needed to get you on your way.


Roadside America removes the flat and installs a spare, or airs up your tire if possible. The only thing worse than experiencing a flat tire, is pulling off the road to discover that your car only contains an old pump or scissors jack. Both of these options can either cause serious injury to you, or damage to your car. Placed incorrectly, an upright jack can easily have a weight displacement problem that causes the car to fall. Even worse, a scissors jack requires you to place your hands under the vehicle and hold the jack still while cranking until it is secure, in order to find just the right “niche” to lift your car. Don’t take the chance of getting your hand caught in that crank or putting the jack in the wrong place. Roadside America uniformed technicians will be dispatched to safely handle your flat tire.


No matter how you locked yourself out, Roadside America will get you back in the driver’s seat. With technological advancements, it’s becoming more difficult to get into vehicles. Special tools are needed to unlock the doors without damaging your car. Roadside America has trained locksmiths to assist in opening car doors. Do not risk damage to your vehicle; contact a professional. Our locksmiths are uniformed, and our dispatchers will obtain your information ahead of time so the locksmith knows before arriving what type of vehicle you have. (Some vehicles such as the BMW or Lexus may contain anti-theft locking devices that require dealership codes to unlock. If we determine this to be the case, we’ll notify you ahead of time.) Proof of ownership and membership with us is required for lock-out service.


Roadside America will deliver two gallons of emergency fuel to your location. How many times have you just barely made it home after dark, only to realize you now do not have enough gas to make it to the gas station? Why risk it? Simply call Roadside America to have two gallons of emergency fuel delivered to you. Do not wait until you run out and end up stuck on the side of the road. Roadside America will make sure you have enough fuel to get to the gas station.