How to Avoid a Flat Tire

We’ve all been there. As we drive along, it starts to sound like a helicopter is hovering above your car. Then the feeling of dread soon follows: you realize you have a flat tire. And chances are, it’s at the worst possible moment in your day. Here’s a few ways to dodge a flat tire.


Check your tire treads

If your treads are worn thin, you’re more likely to have a dangerous blow out. Keep track of your treads by checking them each time you have your oil changed.


Rotate Rotate Rotate

After you check your tire treads to make sure they are still intact, rotate your tires. Since most cars are unevenly weighted, tire rotation is essential. Don’t skip it. Have your tires rotated with each oil change.


Avoid Potholes

It might seem obvious, but a pothole and a hard slam can damage your tires. Avoid if possible, and if safe.


Check your air pressure often

Under inflation can easily cause a tire blowout. Without the proper inflation the tire becomes stressed and the internal parts wear down faster. Even with the new tire sensors in newer cars, you must check the tire pressure by hand, or have a professional read your tire pressure for accuracy.


A flat tire can ruin your day, cost you a lot of money. The good news? Roadside America membership can get you up and running in no time! Good luck and check your air pressure.