And Service For All !!!

Not many things cross all sectors of life.  The need for peace-of-mind in case of car problems is one of those rare things.  Whether an individual is 16 or 80, whether they have a used vehicle with lots of miles, or a new, top of the line, car.  Whether they are a student, a professional, a military family member, or a retiree.  Blue collar, or white collar?  Living in off-campus housing away from home for the first time, in a luxury apartment home, a condo, or have downsized in to a smaller apartment home community.  Their car is their lifeline.  The student who travels to class or around a city unfamiliar to them, to the military member transferred to a new city, to the worker/professional traveling to an important meeting or out for a family trip to the park, or to the retiree who has that important doctor appointment, or meeting with friends.  Battery problems, flat tires, vehicle lock-outs, running out of gas, are all things that are not limited to one type of vehicle or sector of our population.  Parents worry about their children away at college and who will take care of these problems.  Roadside America Auto Club solves this problem for the student, eases parents minds, and helps boost lease closing ratios.  High end luxury residents pay top dollar and expect to have all their needs met.  When they have one of these car hassles they often go to their manager for assistance.  At renewal time these residents can cost a lot of money if they leave due to small neighborly needs; such as, a car problem not being handled.