30+ Years of Quality Service

In 1989 our founders, Dean and Charlene Jarman, developed the idea of providing emergency auto assistance for residents of multi-family housing. Marketed as a leasing/retention tool to improve bottom-line profits for management companies, apartment residents would receive free assistance with routine car problems. They launched the company with little fanfare, a small cash investment, and lots of sweat equity. Dean and Charlene built the business from a small start-up servicing only a few select properties into one that is well-recognized in the industry.

Roadside America now includes other groups in our Membership Plans: notably; insurance companies, home-owner associations, and corporate entities under our Employee Benefits Programs.

In 2003, Roadside America contracted to service America’s military families at bases on the East and West coasts. It is an honor to assist our brave service men and women when they are stateside, and to care for their families when they are deployed.

Roadside America Auto Club is excited to be celebrating more than 30 years of service. We are blessed to have the privilege to continue doing good work for good people as we reaffirm our commitment to Keep Your Group Moving.©