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    Offer your group the convenience and peace of mind of 24/7 roadside assistance.  Whether they are stuck with a flat tire, need a quick jump, are locked out of their vehicle, or need emergency fuel delivery, a membership with Roadside America can get them back on the road.

Welcome to Roadside America. Local, member-based roadside assistance.

Stranded with car trouble? Roadside America Members don’t have to worry about a flat tire, a dead battery, being locked out of a vehicle or running out of gas. Our members get safely back on the road in no time, with minimal hassle.

Members receive 24/7 and 365 days-a-year coverage. We can be at your location in about 45 minutes if you’re in a metropolitan area (traffic and weather delays notwithstanding).

Call for immediate assistance, and we’ll see you soon!

Client Feedback


Thanks Green at Plum Creek.  I was in need of a tow late at night.  I did not know what to do.  Then was told that our apartment provides Roadside America!  Thanks to Green at Plum Creek I was able to get reimbursed for my tow.  A fantastic service.  The dispatcher was very friendly and polite.  It is great having this available.  Randel S.

 (Source: quality service center Roadside America Auto Club)picture1



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Service Overview

Jump-start dead batteries to get you back on the road, fast.
Remove flat tire and install a spare without the hassle of handling your own jack.
Emergency fuel delivery puts gas back in your tank, so you can get to the next station.
Open locked doors to get you back in the driver’s seat.